1973年1月, the first Palmer students moved into their permanent 教室 on the beautiful 22-acre site that was the new Palmer Preparatory School, named for active and visionary founding Board member Rose Palmer O’Neil. While the original classroom building (currently the Middle School Building) was being completed, the first students had attended classes in the temporary quarters of a nearby church. 当他们搬到校园的时候, they found the completed classroom building; three circular modular units (used for the lunch room, 营业厅, 更衣室和教练办公室, 教室, 这是典型的时代, a senior smoking lounge); and rocky 足球 and 棒球 fields that would become smooth in the next few years as teachers and students worked together to lay sod. 帕默从9年级到12年级开始, 1973年6月, 帕尔默海盗的第一班, 绿色和金色, graduated from Palmer Prep (later the name changed to 帕默学校). 活动中心, 设计为体育馆和礼堂, 于1980年完工, and later the separate Library building was completed.
Palmer was committed to strong academics, and for a small school, had a strong athletic program. 棒球, 足球, 篮球, and soccer were all successful team sports, 一开始男孩们吃得更多, but by the mid 1970s the girls’ sports program took off as well. The 网球 and golf teams went all the way to State competition. 艺术也受到庆祝. Pictures in the yearbook show lovely, skillful ceramic works being created by students. 从一开始, 帕默有一个友好的, 温暖的, caring atmosphere that fostered lasting friendships, 对学校的热爱, 还有美好的回忆, many of which go back to school clubs and activities. By 1975, 有一个活跃的西班牙语俱乐部, 科学俱乐部, 全国荣誉学会, 基督教运动员团契, 摄影俱乐部, 海盗日志(校报), 年鉴, 环境行动委员会, 水族馆俱乐部, 合唱, 吉他组, 艺术俱乐部, 啦啦队, 海盗俱乐部(鼓舞俱乐部), and Pep Squad – many memories to cherish.


The parents who took their 7th and 8th  grade children to the opening day of classes at 三一圣公会学校 in 1983, 开车穿过圣. Matthew’s Episcopal Church on Sunset Drive and back to a dirt road that led to a trailer where the administrative offices were housed. 适度的开端, 而是三位一体的泰坦, 紫色和白色, 从一开始就感到大胆和自信. Every day began with chapel in the church sanctuary, and two refurbished buildings provided classroom space. 使用直接区域, 热带公园, 还有附近一家网球俱乐部的球场, an athletic program quickly developed that included soccer, 足球, 篮球, 长曲棍球, 越野, 棒球, 垒球, 网球, 和啦啦队. The 网球 team went all the way to State. 没过多久, parents and students were working together to lay concrete squares to create a courtyard entrance and beautify their new campus.

In addition to providing a strong emphasis on academics, 巴黎人官方网登录网址, 精神的形成, Trinity also helped students bond with each other and with faculty members by the many clubs on campus and trips off campus. 年鉴(的足迹)、报纸(三次), 戏剧俱乐部, Eat ' n Wear(烹饪俱乐部), 模特俱乐部(如飞机模型), 陶瓷俱乐部, 现代舞, 服务俱乐部, 学生会, 乐队, 全国荣誉学会, and other honor societies all helped to enhance skills in those areas and to build lasting friendships. Trips to far-away places like Williamsburg, 华盛顿, DC, and Canada (which combined skiing and practice in speaking French) became highlights of education, 有趣的, 社区建设. 离家更近的冒险, like camping trips to the Peace River and the Keys, left memories of paddling canoes in the Florida wilderness with close friends.

每年都加一个等级, Trinity students developed a deep love for their campus, but in a visionary way they were excited in 1991 about the merger. 在上一届三一学院年鉴上, the final two pages show a Trinity campus scene with the word “Good”, and then a scene of what would now become the Palmer Trinity campus, 上面写着, “很好."


In 1991, 帕默学校 merged with 三一圣公会学校 to become an independent, coeducational day school for grades six through twelve. The vision to unite allowed the two institutions to be mutually beneficial.  The foundation laid by the merger and the school’s dedication to premier education paved the way to becoming 一个顶级 州内的独立学校.

帕尔默三一中学’s commitment to environmental preservation is reflected in the serene tropical loveliness of gumbo limbo trees, 皇家凤凰木, 手掌, 蕨类植物, 兰花, 以及该地区的其他植物. 一座新的人文建筑, 音乐中心, 健身设施, 数学/科学建设, 扩展图书馆空间as well as a new academic building, have been added to the original three buildings. Three Innovation Spaces have also been built, allowing for learning through creativity. 

今天, 巴黎人官方网登录网址的学生们, 超过50%的人会说两种语言ome from 37 countries and various religious traditions. 作为一所主教学校, Palmer Trinity welcomes students and families of all faiths and promotes an affirming, 包容的氛围.

Palmer Trinity’s dedication to excellence spans all facets of school life.  Honors and AP courses, and initiatives like Religion and 道德、全球研究、 服务生活, and Environmental Studies reflect Palmer Trinity’s commitment to strong traditional education 这也是有创意和创新的. The school’s 46 athletic teams testify to the growing and successful sports program. 还有精彩的戏剧, 音乐, 跳舞, and visual arts programs offer students a broad range of options in 艺术 表达式.

每周召集, frequently with an emphasis on topics of ethics, along with monthly worship that encourages spiritual formation in each individual, 把学生们在精神上联系在一起, 以及学术成长. A number of outreach projects provide hands-on experience in sharing the resources that we have been given with those less fortunate.

In just a little over a decade and a half since the merger, Palmer Trinity has grown into a much more mature institution than its years would suggest. And now we look to the exciting future before us, as Palmer Trinity steps into the years ahead.