帕尔默三一中学 embraces the Episcopal Church's commitment to diversity, 包容, 正义与公平.  像这样, we strive to 尊重 the dignity of every human being, embracing how we differ from one another while also affirming our shared humanity.

拥抱我们的多样性, we step away from blind judgment and deepen our understanding of the world around us.  强调我们共同的人性, we remind ourselves that shared purpose is essential for building community.  在一起, 这些信条促使我们耐心行事, 同情, and integrity as we develop our students into well-informed, 思考, 有同情心的全球公民 用爱引领人生.

Truly exploring our individual and shared humanity requires a culture of 包容, 让我们社区的所有成员都感到安全, 见过, 并且尊重他们身份的各个方面.  Developing a culture of 包容 requires oversight and intentionality, which is why the school has appointed a DEI Team of coordinators to build and manage curricula, 宣传活动, 亲和力组, and resources in response to the ever-changing needs of our dynamic community.  The current scope of these initiatives is detailed below.  除了, we invite students and parents to reach out to our DEI coordinators to ask for additional support and articulate emerging needs.
Mosaic is an inclusivity curriculum integrated into the Advisory program in grades 6th through 12th, which aims to raise awareness of and affirmation of identity by discussing diversity and 包容.  The goal of Mosaic is to promote the holistic safety of each individual in our educational community through a series of age-appropriate and relevant lesson plans that are co-created by both faculty and student leaders. Teams of advisors and student facilitators from our 多元化同伴教育计划 run these lessons.  Discussion and reflection on topics promote a deeper understanding of the multiple dimensions of human diversity, 培养尊重的文化, 同理心, 以及我们学校社区的包容性, 发起全球公民.
Palmer Trinity observes a series of awareness months throughout the year through Instagram posts, 电子邮件爆炸, 海报, ,会的.  Please visit the Resource Board by going behind the password at MyPTS login for the DEI Mosaic Schedule, DEI Awareness Month Schedule and the DEI Convocation Schedule.


除了多元化同伴教育项目, students have founded and run all of the following organizations and initiatives (with support from the Student Activities Director and the individual organization's faculty sponsor).


  • 黑人学生会

  • 高中社会正义俱乐部

  • 骄傲的联盟

  • 学生多元化领导会议

  • 多元化同伴教育计划

    • 奥尔多里加拉多


帕尔默三一学校对多样性的承诺, 股本, and 包容 runs through its recently published 战略计划 2027, which insists that “our students must take their place in an increasingly diverse society prepared to embrace, 尊重, and understand all perspectives” as “global citizens and 同情ate leaders in an ever-changing world.” This vision grows out of the school’s Episcopal 使命与理念, 这让我们承诺“提供支持?, inclusive environment for students … with a range of academic interests” and “diverse ethnic, 宗教, 社会经济背景.” 
The strategic initiatives related to Community most clearly articulate the school’s DEI direction going forward by committing to “utilize data from the Diversity, 股本, and Inclusion (DEI) Audit to ensure the quality of school life” and to “implement feedback from the Belonging Survey to refine the Mosaic program.”
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